I don't want Visualizer to ask me where I want to save every time I take a picture or video. How do I set a default folder?

By default, Visualizer will always ask you where you want to save after taking a snapshot or recording a video. If you would like to automatically assign a folder where files are saved to, go to Settings > General > File Saving Location and then designate a folder of your choice. 

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    Visualizer does not ask where to file a scanned object. Where does it go?

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    Upon first opening, Visualizer should always ask you where you want to save a scanned object. Did you by any chance turn that feature off? If so, please go into Visualizer's settings and under 'File Saving Location' you'll find the save location. You can contact our support team at cs@ipevo.com if you have any more questions. Thanks!

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