How to project document camera's Live View to a projector through Chromecast?

  1. Go to Google Web Store to download and install Google Cast.
  2. Connect the Chromecast to the same network that the Chromebook is connected to. If you are setting up the Chromecast for the first time, please follow steps 3-10. If you have already set up the Chromecast with the Chromebook, please jump to step 7 and follow the rest of the steps. 
  3. Connect the Chromecast to a projector and turn on the Chromecast. You should see a login page with the Chromecast setup web address.                            
  4. Open the browser on the Chromebook, enter the setup web address in the browser and press continue.                                                                            
  5. Go to the upper right hand corner of the browser and choose "options" in the dropdown window. Click on "add Chromecast" in the next window. Then choose the correct Chromecast and click "set up."                                                                      
  6. In the setup page, choose the network that the Chromebook is connected to and enter the password.                                                                             
  7. Plug the document camera into the Chromebook and launch the Presenter.
  8. Click on the upper right hand corner of the browser again. Choose the dropdown tab next to "Cast this tab to" and choose "Cast screen/window (experimental)."                                                                                            
  9. Choose the correct Chromecast and then choose the IPEVO Presenter screen. The document camera's Live View should be projected onto the projection screen.  
  10. If you want to stop casting, go to the upper right hand corner of the browser and click "stop casting." The projection will then be cut off. 

Please note that depending on the bandwidth limitation or performance of the Chromebook, there could be a 1-2 seconds' lag between the Live View on the Chromebook and the projected Live View. Lag could be more serious if the document camera is used to capture moving subjects. 


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