When I tried to update the firmware, S0-10 says it already has the latest version. Not true!

S0-10 displays the 'already updated' message if it does not recognize the new firmware files on your USB flash drive.

Please follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Format the USB flash in FAT32, not NTSF or FAT.
  • Save the firmware files in the root directory of the USB flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive directly to S0-10.
  • Make sure the USB connector of the flash drive is enclosed with a metal chassis.
  • Make sure the firmware language and hardware language match. Please reset your S0-10 to double check the hardware language. Go to Menu > General Settings > Reset. If English is the default language, please download the English version. If Chinese is the default, it means that the phone has the Chinese hardware, and you will need to use the Chinese version. You can switch the language back to English afterwards.
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