How is TR-10i different from other Internet VoIP phones?

TR-10i is a multi-functional speakerphone that combines the features of a hands-free speaker, a handset, and a voice recorder, all in one compact unit. It has exceptional sound quality and is ideal for use with iChat. Use it to:

  • Change from a hands-free speaker to a personal handset at the flip of a switch.
  • Have long conversations or conferences in hands-free mode; when it gets personal, simply switch to handset mode.
  • Focus on what you have to say, not what you use to say it: the TR-10i’s advanced echo cancellation through its DSP chip limits background noise for crystal-clear sound quality – wherever you have to take that call.
  • Benefit from one-touch recording with easy-to-use included software, providing you with a unique tool to record iChat conversations, create voice memos, and later email them to friends or coworkers so that you can make sure you never forget a thing.
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