What do all the screen icons mean?

Here is the list of S0-20 screen icons and their meanings.

Skype_Network_Alert_Icon.pngNetwork Alert: indicates one or more subscription service (such as voicemail) is going to expire soon.

Skype_Ringer_Off_Icon.pngRinger Off: indicates the ringer sound is turned off. To turn the ringer on or off, long-press the "#" key.

Skype_Microphone_Mute_Icon.pngMicrophone Mute: indicates the sound input is muted (during the call). To mute or unmute it, during a call select Option > Unmute from the menu.

Skype_Missed_Call_Icon.pngMissed calls: indicates there are new missed calls. To view the details, go to Menu > History > Missed Calls.

Skype_New_Request_Icon.pngNew request: indicates there are new contact requests. To view the details, go to Menu > History > Contact Requests.

Skype_New_Voicemail_Icon.pngNew Voicemail: indicates you have new voicemails. To listen to them, go to Menu > History > Voicemails.

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    screen is blach with battery is charged spoke to level 1 tech

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