Can I use S0-20 at any Wi-Fi hotspot?

S0-20 does not support web browsing, and therefore cannot access Wi-Fi hotspots that require web-based login or authentication. This prevents S0-20 from being used in conjunction with software such as Boingo, which allows you to access Wi-Fi hotspots on the run.

In addition, S0-20 was originally designed to be used in private, indoor locations such as homes and offices. When used in a large-scale public area, the connection sometimes becomes compromised due to special wireless router settings, weak signals, etc.

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    Hisashi Kawarada

    Hello. My name kawa living in Tokyo. By the way, "IPEVO so-20" that I bought, WEB authentication does not support it, be used. Means, I want support in a firmware update, can I?

    Thank you.

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    Isao Kato

    Dear Mr. Kawarada

    Currently there is no plan to update the S0-20 firmware to support web authentications. We will notify everybody in this Forum when it will happen. Thank you very much for choosing our S0-20.

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