How do I connect to WPS-HD and my internet Wi-Fi connection at the same time?

Please follow the steps below to setup WPS-HD to join your current Wi-Fi connection:

Please make sure WPS-HD is powered up and connected to your computer. If not, please refer to theQuick Start Guide to set WPS-HD up.

Launch your browser to access the WPS-HD control panel. If your browser does not auto connect to the control panel please enter the ip shown on the WPS-HD screen on to your browser to access the WPS-HD control panel. (Default IP:


Log in with your User Name and Password. (Default Password: admin)


Click on Network Setup to access the internet settings page.

Under AP Client section, enable the "Connect to Existing AP" function, then enter the SSID (case sensitive) of the wifi connection you wish WPS-HD to connect to, along with the password and other information if needed.


Click Apply to save and restart WPS-HD. Once WPS-HD is restarted, it will connect to the Wi-Fi connection you have entered.

Once WPS is done restarting, connect your computer to WPS-HD but not your internet Wi-Fi network to access the WPS-HD and your internet connection simultaneously!

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