There is sound output from X1-N6, but why can't the person at the other end hear my voice?

Please try the following:

a. Adjust X1-N6’s microphone volume level
The X1-N6's microphone may possibly be set too low. You can correct this by adjusting the volume level. Using Windows XP as an example, got to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices. In the Audio Devices window, set the recording device to X1-N6. We suggest you adjust the volume setting to the middle for optimal conversation sound quality.

b. Ensure that X1-N6 has not been accidentally set to the Mute mode.
When the LED in the center of the device is RED, it means that X1-N6 is on Mute and that the microphone will not pick up any sound. Please switch off Mute using the control on the side of the device to resume normal conversation.


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