I have both the old version (long pen) and new version (short pen) of IW2 and accidentally mixed the Wireless Receivers up. How do I know which Wireless Receiver is for which?

Do note that the Wireless Receivers (old and new) cannot be used interchangeably. Hence, to sort things out, you’ll need to check the model number of your Sensor Cams and the Wireless Receivers and make sure they match.

The model number of the Sensor Cam can be found on the Sensor Cam itself. “CSW2-01IP” denotes an older version, while “CSW2-02IP” denotes a newer version.

Next, check the triangular sticker tab of the Wireless Receiver for the model number. If the model number shows “CSW2-01IP-A2”, it means the Wireless Receiver is for use with the older version of IW2. If the model number shows “CSW2-02IP-A1”, it means it is for use with the newer version.

In order for your IW2 to work, please use the old version of IW2 with the old version of Wireless Receiver, and use the new version of IW2 with the new version of Wireless Receiver.


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