Learn how to create a “3D image” with IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus and Photoshop

Wish you know of a way to create stunning yet low cost “3D images?” You’ve come to the right place! With an IPEVO document camera such as the Ziggi-HD Plus, and a little help from image editing software like Photoshop, it can be quite easily achieved. So waste no time in checking out this video tutorial that shows you all the know-how, and we’ve even detailed the steps to help you out!


  1. Set your subject, Ziggi-HD Plus, and your laptop.
  2. Load Presenter and turn on the grid by clicking “Display.”
  3. Then, find a point on your subject to align it to a point on the grid. We will use this as a point to rotate our document camera around.
  4. When you’re ready, take a picture and then slowly rotate the document camera, making sure to keep your subject and grid aligned.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have 3 or 4 images.
  6. Go to Review Mode and select the images you captured. Export them to your desktop.
  7. Open Photoshop and go File>Scripts>Load Files into Stack…
  8. Select Browse, navigate to your images, select them and click open. With all your images ready, click OK.
  9. Go to Window>Animation.
  10. Look for your Layers tab and position your mouse over the visibility icon.
  11. Click the visibility icon to turn the visibility off.
  12. Now move down to the Animation tab locate “Duplicate Select Frame.”
  13. Click it and it will add another frame next to your current one.
  14. Return to the Layers tab and move down to the next image and turn off the visibility.
  15. Repeat step 12 to 14 until you are on the last image.
  16. Now you will do the same procedure but going up the images and turning the visibility back on.
  17. With that done, press “Play” in the Animation tab and check your animation.
  18. When ready, go to File>Save for Web & Devices.
  19. Go to Image Size and in “Percent”, change from 100% to 50%.
  20. In the “Looping Options” below, set it to “Forever.”
  21. Go to “Preset” at the top and set it to GIF 64 Dithered.
  22. When you’re done, go to “Save” and it’s all done!
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