Finding the ideal distance to place your IW2 Sensor Cam with this little Finder

You are probably here because you just got an IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System on your hands. And after unboxing it, you’ve spent like almost half an hour trying to get it calibrated, yet no matter how hard you tried, you can’t get it right! Been there, done that, that’s why we’re here with you.

The crucial point to a successful calibration is finding the ideal distance to place your Sensor Cam, and this isn’t easy as the distance differs for different screen sizes. Having said that, finding the ideal distance can be a whole lot easier if you follow the guide below.

What you will need:

1. The IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder (you have to print it yourself)
2. A pair of scissors
3. Glue

IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder

With this little tool, it will make your life easier in determining where to place your Sensor Cam. First things first, go ahead and download the Finder that we prepared for you.

The IW2 Sensor Cam distance Finder (letter-sized)

Do note that though the template is in letter-sized, you can also print it using an A4 paper. When printing, make sure it’s at 100% with no scaling.And please do NOT check the option “Fit to page” or any other setting that might change the size of the original template for printing.

Making the Finder

Making the Finder is pretty straightforward, and you may even turn it into a simple DIY session with your students. You’ll need to cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, then glue them together to form a rectangle. There are two templates available — one for glasses and the other for bare eye. Please choose the right template to use.

Finding the Ideal Distance

After you’re done making the Finder, follow the simple instructions printed on the right hand side of the template to find the ideal distance for placing your Sensor Cam.

See through the Finder and move forward or backward until the opening of the Finder fits perfectly with the screen. And STOP IT right there! You’ve found the ideal distance to place your Sensor Cam! And as soon as you place your Sensor Cam at that ideal distance, you should have no problem with the calibration process that follows.

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